Nutritional Advice

Many people feel that simply embarking on a new training regime is all that is needed for them to be successful in the pursuit of their goals.

The body is a complex machine and requires more than this. Sensible and sustainable healthy eating combined with the right exercise is essential and will greatly assist you along the road to achieving these goals.

When learning how to maintain a healthy diet you can become confused by the conflicting information you come across and it’s not always easy to make the right food choices but with the right advice balanced with the training you undertake you can really get the most out of Esse Fitness and look and feel better than ever.

No fad diets just healthy balanced nutrition!

Gym + Kitchen = RESULTS

Mission Slim Possible

Are you ready for a challenge to kickstart your health and fitness

Using a combination of structured home based workouts with nutritional support and guidance, this plan is designed to help you lose body fat in exchange for lean muscle. It incorporates regular and structured workouts with no requirement for equipment. It will increase your fitness and encourage you to develop healthier eating habits and choices. Provides group and trainer support to keep you motivated and focussed.

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Essential Recipe Book for participants