Personal Training

With me at Esse Fitness, you will discover an energetic environment, committed to supporting your personal health, fitness and lifestyle goals. It takes a holistic perspective to achieve wellness targets, focusing on more than just exercise. I recognise that individuals are an “Experiment of One” and so truly believe in bespoke lifestyle coaching to achieve the best results

Invest in your health

Health outcomes you will see

Strength & stamina

When you choose to invest in your fitness with Esse Fitness personal training expect to see results in increased strength and stamina that will positively affect every element of your life.  Sensible and structured programs will help you reach the goals that you never believed you could reach. Mentally and physically I will support you all the way.


My guidance will aid you not only in the aesthetics of body composition but also in improving range and posture. Attention is given to maximize the fullest range of movement to allow you to move naturally and functionally in everyday activities. Learn to become aware of the core in movements and balance.

achieving your goals

No matter what your goal is. Its always easier to have helping a hand along the journey. If you just want to be able to be strong enough to take the stairs that’s okay or whether your planning to do a tough mudder and max out the completion, I’m here to plan the right type of training you need to succeed.

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