That spark of inspiration


We all need a spark of inspiration to do something!

I am sure we have all looked in the mirror and thought “That had never used to be there?” or “It’s about time I lost a bit of this and did something again!”

Has someone ever said, “You look well”…what? Is “well”, that’s someone’s polite way of saying that they haven’t seen you in a while and you’ve put a few pounds on maybe! Has your partner or friend started to exercise and eat healthy and has started looking great. Have you seen an athlete in the news that excels in what they do which has inspired you?

 Your thoughts affect feelings and feelings affect actions. These actions can be the spark inspiration to make the lifestyle change you often talk about.

Whatever ignites the spark of inspiration in you, it should always propel you forwards only to look back to see just how far you have come.

Building on the outstanding success and legacy of the 2012 Olympics in London and more recently the Commonwealth Games this summer, it is easy to see how people’s achievements lead to our own inspirations, there is nothing wrong in challenging our own physical boundaries to be the best we can.

For me watching the 2012 Olympics ignited that spark within me, not because I thought I would make the next Olympics, I had the opportunity in 2004 for that, it made me realise that I could perhaps help others find their spark.

To get to the stage of doing something shows a conscious decision by you that something needs to change. Dependent upon what motivates you can be a big factor in how you succeed at achieving your goals; we refer to these types of motivation as EXTRINSIC and INTRINSIC.

Extrinsic motivation is where you do something because of external influence. For example, the GP has told you are overweight or your blood pressure is too high, or you want to drop a few pounds to be a little more appealing for a partner. It is this type of motivation which people may struggle with achieving the results they desire because the motivation is not really their own.

Intrinsic motivation is that spark of inspiration within us where we do an activity because we want to or for the sheer love of it. This type of motivation is easier for the individual to be more successful and this then leads to habit forming behaviour.

It is fair to say we have all had that feeling where we know we are not going to be the next Usain Bolt but think to ourselves, “I could do more,” “it’s time I lost this belly,” or, “I can’t get my breath anymore, I need to get fit!” but unfortunately this is where for most of us it starts to go wrong after a promising start.

You have your gym kit ready and your enthusiasm is high which is a great building block. You should make a conscious effort to remember this feeling because when things in life get tough you need to think back to why you started in the first place and use this to keep going.

The problem is you don’t really know which way to go. You are confused at when and how to exercise to obtain your goals, what to eat, when to eat when training and when not to, should you watch your calories, fat, sugar intake or should you watch all of them. You may even look for the next fad diet for that quick fix in which we all know they are counterproductive and only offer short term solutions. We are bombarded in magazines, TV and on the internet by scantily clad men and women with amazing bodies telling you that you have to do it their way to achieve your goals.

The fitness industry is a monster. You know it and I know it. Magazines and TV commercials want us to hate our bodies, loathe our genes, shun and disown our favorite foods to ultimately buy their fad diet plans or get thin quick tablets. Depending on what you have read this week our ideas about foods are so messed up that we don’t really know what to eat.

In reality the fundamentals of health and nutrition are the same, but each and every one of you needs a tailored made approach to account for work, family, and free time to allow you to achieve your nutritional and exercise success. If anyone tells you different then you are only getting half the package.

Be true to yourself, aim high and motivate yourself to move forwards a little way each day. Every little bit of progress is a bit more than the people sat around you doing nothing. Reward yourself after you have reached each small goal along the way.

The fact is you have started… Whether you have dusted off your kit, read blogs on nutrition or drove past fast food outlets without visiting, you are moving forwards and any momentum is good.

We all start at different places and have different paths to get to where we want to be. We all have different restraints on time, money, fitness and health but they should not stop you from achieving and doing well. Most of you just need guidance and coaching to support you on your journey and I design each training package to suit your needs.

All you have to do is decide What do you want, Why do you want it and What are you prepared to do to get it. You have to do the physical work and you are accountable for your actions but I’ll be there to help and direct you in making the right nutritional and exercise choices.

Contact me in the Blog area of the website … You have already passed steps 1 and 2 of the behaviour change theory model by identifying the need for change so why stop there…. Don’t wait for the “perfect time” because that will be… Tomorrow… Next week…and the longer you leave it the more likely it will be never.

Seize the moment and make that change, you will be surprised at what motivation can achieve.

Together we can achieve and be more…

So ask yourself what is your motivation?

 ESSE …to be.